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Fortran Tools

MEGMS has developed a small suite of tools for processing Fortran source code, some of which may be useful, and some not. The tools are all written in Fortran 2003 on top of a common source base. The source to each tool is freely available under an Apache 2.0 licence.

Name Description Files available
FF08Depends A tool for obtaining file dependency information for Fortran source files. Source in a zip archive
FF08Diff A tool for semantic differencing of Fortran source files. Source in a zip archive
FF08FixedFormForEver A tool for making Fortran source look horrible. Source in a zip archive
FF08Obfuscate A tool for making Fortran source difficult to understand. Source in a zip archive
Test utilities Various internal test utilities and concept programs.

Additional tools building on the same source base may follow, as time permits.

Other Fortran related material includes:

Name Description Files available
aniso_varying_string An implementation of ISO_VARYING_STRING using deferred length CHARACTER, with additions such as defined input/output. Source for the module itself
Source for a small test program
Direct2D API Fortran bindings Fortran bindings for the Windows® Direct2D API, and some other related APIs. Source for the bindings and a small test program in a zip archive
Shared pointers Example implementation of generic shared pointers in Fortran 2008. Source for the shared pointer sources and example programs in a zip archive